Let’s not overthink this… you want a way out.

Commonly Asked Questions….

Are you a broker?

No, we’re advisors. Seriously, though, we are more like river guides. If you’ve ever taken a guided river tour, they drive you to the river, help you in the boat, row, point out the sights, stop for lunch on a pretty rock down-river, prepare you for rough waters ahead, and land you at the landing site. They drive you back to your car, and ask you to come back next year- maybe even check in every so often to find out how things are going after your trip.

Is this confidential?

YES! Absolutely. Unless you tell us otherwise, mum’s the word.

What happens pre-sale?

We stage your business. Ever met a home-stager? (Our favorite is Lisa Basham of Stage to Sell Homes)

They position your home with the buyers’ mind. They place furniture in a way which makes you see your own things in the room- or how to use the space. They open up the buyers’ mind to the possibilities of owning the home.

In your business, we comb through the details- thinking of ourselves as a buyer. We review your sales, operations, and finance processes where they are- and fill in the holes- judgment free while giving our professional advice.

This approach WILL boost the value of your business.

Why you and not a CPA?

CPAs are AWESOME and are useful in our process. We rely on our CPA network for valuation, bookkeeping cleanup, tax filings/catchup, and several other functions. Our CPA network works as part of our “staging” strategy.

What about AFTER the sale?

We’re still friends. In fact, if you are selling your business you can ask that we stay on as advisors to ensure a smooth transition. Our CFO’s do this often due to the nature of the transaction. Additionally, we stay on as part of the final sale agreement to help with knowledge transfer from old to new company- because getting your employees to perform this could be difficult.