Sale- Transition

You worked hard to build the business- and now it’s time to be done.

Who do you trust to take it over? How much is it actually worth now?

There are several ways for you to spend more time on the golf course, the beach, with the grandkids, etc. Here are some examples:

  1. Keep it in the family. We can help by bringing up to speed the next leader in your company who you see taking the reigns. Not everyone is ready to take over a business- but if this is the plan, or even remotely an option, our experts have specific real world family business experience and will get him/her at the level you need to be comfortable.
  2. Hire an outside CEO and Advisory Board to run the business. We’ve helped business owners just like you who want to step out of the business and know that if they do, things are in order. We can help to identify a leader in your industry to take over, and implement a board of advisors that we manage, which all still reports to you. Even if you become an absent owner. Trust us, everyone will understand.
  3. Sell on the market. We love to work with small businesses so much, that we work tirelessly to identify a potential buyer as if it were our business. We sell you as if it were us, therefore we want to get to know your business as much as possible to discuss who you are and what you do.

Commonly Asked Questions….

Are you a broker? What is the difference between Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) and brokering?

No, we’re advisors. Seriously, though, we are more like river guides. If you’ve ever taken a guided river tour, they drive you to the river, help you in the boat, row, point out the sights, stop for lunch on a pretty rock down-river, prepare you for rough waters ahead, and land you at the landing site. They drive you back to your car, and ask you to come back next year- maybe even check in every so often to find out how things are going after your trip.

That “river guide” is the difference between M&A and a broker. Each has its place, and at the end of the transaction we are essentially brokering the deal- after we’ve added as much value as possible on both ends.

Is this confidential?

YES! Absolutely. Unless you tell us otherwise, mum’s the word.

How much time do you need?

The more time we have the better. Think about it- if your goal is to sell in three years, we have that long to make changes, document processes, clean up inventory and receivables, increase revenues, and improve your margins. If we have 30 days, obviously we cannot be as effective and “we get what we get”. Time must be on our side- but we understand that it can’t always be.

We do promise to be upfront and human about our timelines, valuations, and advice.