Interviewing Do’s and Don’ts

Interviewing Checklist For Employers-  Do’s and Don’ts


  • Be as casual in appearance as your company will allow
  • Be on time for the interview and apologize for tardiness.   Live on “Vince Lombardi Time”
  • Let the candidate sit where they want in the room
  • Set a comfortable mood in the room- ie. get a drink and offer one to your candidate
  • Discuss your core values, along with a personal story about how your company’s culture is driven by its values
  • Tell a story about your background and the background of the company
  • Bring in an employee on the team which the candidate will be working
  • Look him/her up on LinkedIn and social media-  learn something interesting about him/her to discuss in the meeting
  • Ask questions about his/her interests outside of work  
  • Ask a “wild” question ie.  “Describe your favorite dessert” 
  • Be conversational about examples, questions, and fact-finding
  • Ask him/her to discuss freely what they really want to contribute 
  • Give instant, respectful feedback  
  • Learn something based on your conversation with the candidate
  • Share something about YOUR personal life (if comfortable)
  • Explain “Day 1” if hired
  • Outlay expectations in a clear, concise manner
  • THANK your candidate for their time- multiple times in the meeting
  • Invite him/her to connect on LinkedIn and to your network


  • Make your candidate wait longer than 15 minutes
  • Ask him/her to “tell you about them”
  • Talk about how “busy you are”
  • Leave people hanging onto false hope of getting the job
  • Ask “canned” interview questions
  • Assume your candidate knows everything about your business
  • Assume your candidate isn’t interviewing with other companies
  • Take for granted the extra skills your candidate may bring to your organization
  • Leave your candidate waiting- if they aren’t “the one”, tell them right away
  • Send “canned” messages about your decision
  • Rely on a resume for all the important information about your candidate
  • Ask about politics, religion, or sensitive social topics

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