Ready for an Exit From Your Business?

Ready for an Exit From Your Business?

Vend Advisors, LLC. is a Cleveland, Ohio based firm with an internal and external network of professionals focused only on listening to your goals, working out a plan, and guiding your dream into its next stage.

Vend Advisors is a full service business consulting firm specializing in the transition of ownership of privately held, for-profit organizations.

Vend is a verb, meaning “to sell, or offer for sale”… and that’s exactly what we do. Vend will consult, advise, and represent in the best interests of the business owner(s) and/or key stakeholders.

We work specifically with key stakeholders to identify the best path to exiting the business. This often comes in one of five ways:

  1. Sale to key employee
  2. Sale to an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP)
  3. Sale on the open market; listing service
  4. Sale to interested party; competitor, similar business, etc.
  5. Initial Public Offering (IPO); going public

We work to valuate, analyze, prep, and ready the business for sale in one of these five ways. Then, we represent you through the process, acting as your guide through the M&A forest.

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Our Core Values:

  • Focus– On the best interests of your key stakeholders, not ours.
  • Communication– Throughout the process.
  • Respect– For your traditions, and promoting their value.
  • Time– Getting to know your organization.
  • Process– Putting the right people and order in place to maximize your return.

Transition Planning and Strategy

Not sure how to transition out, but you know it’s time?

Transition Planning

The first step in our process is to develop a plan. This is done along with our partners at SharpCFO, our team of attorneys, and our accountants to ensure that your business is ready for its next phase of life.

Conventional Strategies

Non-Conventional Strategies

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